Meet the Blogger

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I’m a “Southern” boy that was born and raised in Orlando, Florida that hopes to end up in New York City. (Many Floridians don’t actually consider Florida to be in the South). Initially, I planned on being a classical musician in a symphony orchestra, but after 17 years of playing cello professionally, I decided I needed a change of scenery. That’s how I ended up at Emory University School of Law.

Entering my last semester of law school, I’ve gained a lot of practical experience to hit the ground running doing policy work. Whether it is from writing policy briefs, participating in grassroots organizing, or contributing to vital policy changes on Emory’s campus, my entire legal career has centered around affecting change from the policy level!

Outside of Emory’s community, I have found myself changing the way masculine gender-nonconforming individuals of color are viewed. Through my contributions with Suited and The Tenth Zine, I have had the honor of attending film festivals and universities to discuss gender, clothing, and masculinity. My personal life coupled with my time spent doing grassroots organizing at Transgender Law Center at Southerners on New Ground grounded my interest in using my JD to protect queer and trans people.

This blog is a love offering and resource for the LGBTQIA community–I hope you enjoy!



Photo by Bryan Meltz